Making advertising simple.

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We Planet

This is the tiny blue speck of home that we get to share with all you lovely persons. We love this place like we love our mums. Every cup we deliver is fully compostable, and full of fibre, to help our planet grow big and strong.

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We Coffee Shops

Much like the ancient Oromo people of Ethiopia (Yay! History!) we love the smell of coffee in the morning. We give our cups out for free to our favourite independent coffee shops, so they can keep sharing liquid deliciousness with their beautiful customers.

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We Innovation

The idea of putting your beautiful advertising on hand-warmingly shiny cups and delivering them to your ideal customers was, honestly, brilliant. We were patting our backs for weeks after that. There's no going back now; we're obsessed with finding clever ways to connect with your favourite clients!

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 We are Cappuccino Ads and we print beautiful advertising on completely compostable takeaway coffee cups. We like to keep things simple. Here are some nice things people have said about our lovely selves:

"Ian and Cappuccino Ads are leading the way by changing a marketplace that is currently full of products that are harmful for the environment into a marketplace full of completely compostable products." - Jenni Watts, Stobo Castle.

"The Cappuccino Team should bottle their passion for making a real difference, the enthusiasm is on a whole other level." - Harry Bocker, Angel's Den.

"We’ve been delighted with the cups and have had really positive response from them both internally and externally." - Rebecca Sibbett, Scottish Association of Mental Health.

"The Cappuccino cups were launched at the beginning of October and ran for the whole month. During this time our website traffic increased by 23.4% and the duration of visits was the highest for that year." - Lisa Teichmann, Ligne Roset.

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