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Cappuccino Ads was founded March 2013 by Ian LeBruce, the most entrepreneurial trout in the great river of commerce. (Actually, Ian is allergic to fish, so he'll be a business gazelle in the savannah of life.)

We are an Edinburgh based enterprise that prints your company's message on biodegradable, double-walled cups and gives them to independent coffee shops. While the customer is enjoying their coffee, they're also enjoying your message. This enterprise is environmentally friendly and small business friendly.

Our designer Adam Robertson will create the aesthetic for your cups. He is a lovely man who wears a hat and has his own design empire called Kalopsia.

We can target specific demographics by placing your message in personally selected cafés to complete your bespoke campaign. The main areas we can target include:

Newington – The area around Edinburgh University, for when you need to reach the eager young minds of the world's future leaders.

City Centre – From Princes Street to Queen Street, this is where the bustling crowds swarm with consumption on the brains.

Stockbridge – If Edinburgh was the days of the week, Stockbridge would be the Sunday. Gentrified and full of charm, Stockbridge is where to go if you want to find your classier clientele.

Glasgow – This is actually a completely different city to Edinburgh, a vibrant place with its own quirks and a wide range of people. I'm just letting you know we advertise here too.

Cappuccino Ads. We put your brand in their hand.


The Planet

There is a legendary cup, as holy as a grail, that can turn itself to compost and save the planet. 

Our suppliers provide us with these completely biodegradable cups (even the lids are totally compostable!), so if you think about it, that means by buying advertising space on our cups you are actively replacing the regular yucky plastic monstrosities with a more natural, and quite frankly prettier, alternative. You big hero, you!

The cups we use are also double-walled, meaning no burnt hands, just the soothing warmth of tasty coffee. There's also no need for a sleeve, leaving your message free for all the whole world to see.

Most take away cups are manufactured in China and have to travel 5000 miles to reach our shores. We, however, are green champions and buy cups manufactured in Ireland, so their carbon footprint is less than the burnt bit you scrape off your morning toast.

Our cups are also nice to look at, which is important since your message is going to be on these beautiful beverage containers, radiating all that loveliness at your customers. Tell the world you love quality. In fact, tell us by clicking here.

The very first campaign we ever ran was a milk-carton inspired missing persons ad. We felt so good about what we were doing we decided to do it again and again, helping as many people, charities and good causes as we can.



Innovation is at the heart of our company. We are constantly striving to find shiny, new ways to get the attention of your customers. We print advertising on coffee cups because it's a good idea and we're big fans of good ideas, especially simple ones that work well.

As much as we love cups, we'd also love to hear your thoughts. We believe that the only infinite resource on this planet is ideas, and we're sure you're bursting at the seams with your own. Where and how should we be advertising? Where do you want us to go? We were born to create and be creative so work with us and see how far we can go together! Join us in the ideas machine here.


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