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Accounts & Legal Blog

There's a guest blog on Accounts & Legal featuring our MD Ian, you can read the article here:


And an article written by Calum Leslie of Wooju ( about Ian's recent trip to San Francisco can be read here:

Biz Crowd Cups

We had a new delivery arrive today! Bizcrowd cups on are the way, keep an eye out for these in Edinburgh.

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No joke this time just a great idea!

All our cups are completely biodegradable so they make great pots of saplings! 

Email us today for more information on our tiny billboards/sapling pots! 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Student lampshades

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There is nothing more depressing than a bare light bulb in a mouldy student flat but lamp shades are expensive! 

Don't worry Cappuccino Ads have the answer! The Cup Lamp Shade! The C-amp Shade!... Ok we will work on the name but the idea is sound! 

Email us today to find out more about a campaign.

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