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Office Wars!!!

Here at Cappuccino Ads we drink a lot of takeaway beverages, and I mean A LOT of them.

But what happens when two of the team are coffee drinkers and one is a tea drinker (that'd be me)? Arguments break out in the office, that's what! 
"Coffee is horrible!".
 "Tea is boring!". 
"We're CAPPUCCINO Ads. not Tea ads...".

So we need your help to settle this debate.  Which do you prefer? Are you team tea or are you crazy about coffee?
Tweet us a photo of you with your beverage of choice using #TeaSelfie or #CoffeeSelfie and help us stop this nonsense! Bonus points (and we may even retweet you) if you tweet us a picture of your drink in one of our fabulous cups.
Come on tea fans, help me out here.

Happy hashtagging.

 - Lorna

Cappuccino Ads cups can save your life

capp spiders

They don't just advertise your business, they could also save you from a wild beast! We're just thinking of you! Email now to find out more.

Cheaper than your phone contract

cheaper than you phone contract

Expensive phone contract? Looking for a cheaper alternative? Why not try a cup phone! 

Doubled walls give our cups added insulation, making them more heat resistant than a single walled cup, and also improves sound quality on long distance cup calls

Tiny Billboards

cups there like tiny billboards

It's true they are! Email us now to find out more about our coffee filled billboards!

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