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We’re famous!

We've recently been featured in The Voice. Cappuccino Ads has never been prouder! When Ian belted out the beautiful rendition of Rebecca Black's Friday, I'm sure I saw a tear fall from the cheek of Sir Tom Jones. It was truly touching.

The next day, we were coincidentally featured in the Federation of Small Businesses' magazine The Voice, describing how we can raise awareness for your company while saving the planet one cup at a time. Oddly, there was no mention of our moving performance in front of the previous night. I'm sure there's a "The Voice" rivalry at play.


Alex Pope


A student from the University of Edinburgh has gone missing. Her name is Yulia Solodyankina. She is 22 years old with a small mole on her left cheek and speaks fluent English with a Russian lilt. In an attempt to spread awareness we've put her face and the relevant police contact information on cups, and they're currently being dispersed throughout Edinburgh and Glasgow. She was last seen at Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow on June 7th at 4:55pm. If you have information call the police on 0131-311-3131, and quote incident number #0639.

The latest information can be read here.

A different article that has a sideways mention of us can be read here.

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Cappuccino Ads

To say this is the first day would be disingenuous, but this is the first day we have a website! Now that we are interline on the world wide cobweb, stay for a while and we can get to know each other. We can have a hot cup of coffee and a chat, doesn't that sound nice? We can share so many things with each other, like our passion to save the environment, like our desire to deliver your message to thousands of potential customers in a way that helps local businesses, or like the last good book you read. Mine was Life of Pi, but I haven't seen the film yet. We plan to be here for the rest of time so check back here the next time you need innovative advertising solutions or inconsistent Capitalisation.

Love, Alex Pope

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