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The baby bottle

Another great use for a Cappuccino Ads cup! This one first suggested by Iain McGregor from Lothian Autistic Society!



There Everywhere


What is that we see? A Lothian Autistic cup! #LAS10Things #coffeesefie

Lothian Autistic cups out and about


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An amazing view and a great coffee, what could be better? Supporting Lothian Autistic Society while your at it #LAS10Things

Today's the day!

It's World Austism Awareness Day!
Our beautiful Lothian Autistic Society coffee cups have been out and about in Edinburgh for days now, helping the charity to raise awareness for not only today but autism in general.

So if you're out and about in Edinburgh today, keep an eye out for one of these lovelies.

Help us spread the word by tweeting @lothianautistic (and @cappuccinoads !) with a #TeaSelfie or a #CoffeeSelfie. Don't forget to include #LAS10things in your tweet. You could also send them a nice little selfie on facebook by tagging Lothian Autistic Society.

Get creative! Be silly! Get your selfie on! Help Cappuccino Ads and Lothian Autistic Society get the word out about austism.

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