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Our cafés are brilliant. Currently we are partnered with over one hundred cafés all over Edinburgh and Glasgow City Centres, serving a wide variety of clientele. For example:



Snax is a staple of the Edinburgh diet, providing filling deliciousness with a smile and a hug. Snax is an odd duck. The staff are so friendly that Edinburgers across the board are excited to step in for a burger. Students and workmen alike stop by for a morning roll and pick-me-up. Snax has two stores, one located next to the Meadows, the other just off Princes Street.

Social Bite

Social Bite is a new type of business. They are a social enterprise with all the trappings of a Pret a Manger. They sell quality food and beverages to conscientious city centre shoppers and 100% of their profits go to solve social issues around the world. We love everything about what they're doing. They are located on Rose Street.

Coffee Angel

Coffee Angel is a quality establishment. A favourite for the local businesspeople, Coffee Angel has a unique style. They have the right combination of a welcoming atmosphere and a professional demeanor. In short, this place is really cool. These guys live on Brandon Street, right next to Canonmills.


McCune Smith

McCune Smith is a new addition to the culinary smorgasbord that is Glasgow. The café is simple and elegant, with tasty tasty treats. We expect great things from them. They are located just off the High Street, nuzzled up with Strathclyde University.

The Little Café

The Little Café is a delightful little slice of heaven combining Scottish charm with Italian flair. The delicatessen sits right next to Kelvingrove Art Gallery, which fits nicely since this place is a work of art in itself. The main campus of the University of Glasgow is a stone's throw away.

Food Fillas

Food Fillas is a friendly joint, the kind of place you go for a soup and a chat. This is a welcoming place, and sits right at the hub of Glaswegian culture on the corner of Queen Street. It spends most of it's time staring at the Gallery of Modern Art across the street.



Are you a small café owner and tired of paying for your coffee cups? We will give you free cups. Simple as that. Fill out the form below and we'll get in touch!

The full coverage of our cafés is available to all our friends. So drop us a line, friend! It's been too long, we should catch up over a vanilla chai latte, I know just the place! To keep the good times rolling click here.

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